Gas swimming pool heaters

Gas pool heaters are the perfect way to get an early start on the swimming season by making your pool blissfully warm while outside temperatures are still a bit on the chilly side.

Gas heaters are still a popular method of heating Perth swimming pools because they are:

Gas pool heaters work by circulating the cooler filtered pool into a heating chamber where its temperature is raised using propane or natural gas. The warmed water is then pumped back into the pool and this cycle continues until the electronic thermostat indicates that the chosen temperature has been reached and the heating system is switched off until the water temperature drops a degree.

Gas pool heaters can also be switched on and off manually whenever your water temperature needs a little extra boost.

At Solar Pool Man we have 20+ years of experience installing gas and other types of swimming pool heaters in North, South and Metro Perth. We prefer to install Pentair Mastertemp Gas Heaters because we know they are efficient, effective and will perform well for many years with just simple annual maintenance.
Our expert technicians have vast experience in determining which size of Pentair Mastertemp Gas Heater your Perth pool will need. This depends not only on the size of your pool but also on other factors including:

If your current gas pool heater is five years old or more, you might well want to consider installing a more modern model in order to reduce running costs. Thanks to state of the art technology, the latest gas pool heaters such as the Pentair Mastertemp Gas Heater are up to 95% efficient and are far more economical to run than older models, particularly when combined with a solar collector back up system to ensure the pool temperature is vconstant.

For technical specifications about the Pentair Mastertemp Gas Heater or if you would like to find out more about whether gas pool heating is for you and your family, call Perth’s Solar Pool Man today on 0433 093 156 or contact us online via this website.