Solar pool heating - how does it work?

Solar collector to maximise solar energy

Your Solar Collector will be strategically installed to maximise the available energy.

Solar system with maximum efficiency

3 manifolds will be installed to ensure an even heating pattern across the collector, they will eliminate any airlocks which would reduce the capacity of the system. So your solar system will work with maximum efficiency.

Solar pool pump flows water through collector and back to pool

The area of the solar collector is generally the same as your pool surface area. A seperate solar pool pump will pump the pool water through the small pipes of the collector, heating it and returning it to the pool, warmed by free energy from the sun.

Solar controller ensures perfect water temperature

The cycle continues until the water has reached the pre-set temperature. The solar controller (or solar Computer) then stops the pump and will only re-start it once the water temperature has cooled down to just below the pre-set temperature. The cycle then starts again to keep your solar swimming pool at the perfect temperature.