Rigid Solar Heating Panels for Perth Pools

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solar pool heating parts
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Solar pool heating is really the sensible way to go for Perth families who want to invest in a heated pool, and not just in a pool heater!

Solar pool heating systems are simple, Low maintenance, very reliable and once they’re up and running. Running costs are minimal and you can enjoy lovely warm 28 degree pool water for 8 months of the year or more… In fact, most pool solar systems pretty much pay for themselves within a few years.

Our Rigid Solar Panels will keep your Perth pool water warm for a longer swimming season and can dramatically cut the costs of your gas pool heater too.

At Perth’s Solar Pool Man we install the most durable, rigid solar panels available on the market today. Our rigid solar panels will keep your pool water blissfully warm for up to twice the usual swimming season so that you can start swimming sooner and enjoy it far longer into the cooler autumn months.

Our rigid solar panels come with a 10 year warranty and a lifetime pro-rata warranty and are:

What’s more, Solar Pool Man’s rigid solar panels also:

  • offer superior heat absorption
  • retain more thermal heat than any other type of solar collector (a whopping 10,828 BTUs per square metre)
  • lose less heat thanks to our interconnected tube design
  • are fully moulded and extra thick for better durability and extended life expectancy
  • are factory tested for leaks and strength
  • come with a 10 year full warranty and a lifetime year pro-rata warranty.
  • There is no better, more reliable, solar panel system available today.

    Solar Panel Heating – using the sun’s free, natural energy to keep your Perth pool warm!

    Solar pool systems are simple and economical and rely on centuries old concepts of thermal engineering that have been tried and tested and still hold true.

    If your current gas pool heater is five years old or more, you might well want to consider installing a more modern model in order to reduce running costs. Thanks to state of the art technology, the latest gas pool heaters such as the Pentair Mastertemp Gas Heater are up to 95% efficient and are far more economical to run than older models, particularly when combined with a solar collector back up system to ensure the pool temperature is vconstant.

    For technical specifications about the Pentair Mastertemp Gas Heater or if you would like to find out more about whether gas pool heating is for you and your family, call Perth’s Solar Pool Man today on 0433 093 156 or contact us online via this website.

    Solar pool pump flows water through collector and back to pool
    The panels are also more efficient than strip collector and only need 80% of the pool surface area compared to the100% that strip collector requires. A seperate solar pool pump will pump your cold pool water into the polymer solar panels located on your roof which are designed to absorb the sun’s energy and heat up the water as it passes through the small pipes of the collector and returning it to the pool , warmed by free energy from the sun.. The warmed water continuously pumps back into your pool, and so the cycle continues until your pool reaches the temperature you desire and the Solar controller unit switches the pump off.

    There is a manual override so you can choose to add additional heat or turn the heating system off whenever you choose. There is even a wireless roof control sensor available too so you can adjust the water temperature from anywhere around the pool.

    Just 3-4 degrees of heat increase on your roof will make a substantial difference to the temperature of your Perth pool water. Our rigid solar panels will continue to work even on cloudy days when the sun cannot be seen because they absorb the ambient temperature increase even without direct solar rays.

    We will be happy to talk to you more about our solar pool and other swimming pool heating systems. For more information, please call us directly on Perth 0433 093 156 or contact us by email using our online request-for-information form.