Why choose a Solar Pool Man heating system?

solar pool installations Perth
A typical Perth pool: graph illustrates pool water temperature difference with and without solar heating.

Pool solar heater reduces pool heating costs

A solar pool heating system makes the early morning swim or the late pool party possible at a fraction of the running cost of either gas heating or a heat pump. It can also work in conjunction with these and majorly reduce your annual pool heating costs.

Free solar energy - most cost effective of pool heating options

A pool is a substantial investment. Over 90% of people with a solar heated pool would invest again in a solar pool heating system because it enables them to enjoy their swimming pool for a longer period each year. Using the suns free solar energy is a very cost efficient way to heat your swimming pool.

Solar heated pool more than doubles your swimming season

Most pools are only used for less than 3 months of the year in the peak of summer and then only during the day. With solar heating you can double your swimming season and enjoy your pool twice as much for a small portion of the cost of your pool.

With solar pool heating you can also enjoy your pool at night. In actual fact, it is then pleasantly warm. So not only do you swim for more days in a year you can also swim for longer each day.

Eco friendly: harnessing green energy

With the sun heating your pool you will also protect the environment. After all we only have one planet earth.